About us

About Us

Destination Sustainability, is a research and consultancy firm specialised in corporate sustainability and social responsibility. We are one of the very first Omani SME specialised in developing corporate social responsibility strategies, projects, initiatives and offers unique consultancy services for SMEs and organizations in Oman.

We always strive to use the highest international standards and global research practices with wide regional expertise and local cultural awareness within the field of corporate social responsibility. Our services extended across many sectors such governmental, financial, education, green energy, road safety, communications, tourism and hospitality, logistics, health, culture and heritage. We have also worked with many entities such as public and private organizations, SMEs, social communities.

Our History and Foundation

Destination Sustainability was established in 2017 and was founded by Shaima Murtadha Al Lawati, a businesswoman and a known leader with post graduate degree in Sustainable Business and Cross-Sector Partnership from University of Cambridge, England.

Shaima Al Lawati has brought more than 21 years of experience into the company and has a wide range of expertise in supporting global and local organisations such as devising, managing and evaluating corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability strategies, implementing community programmes, conducting Social Return on Investment (SROI) studies as well as Sustainability Reports (GRI – Global Reporting Initiative).

Our Message

Here at Destination Sustainability, we always aim to incorporate Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into local practices and organisations as well as partner and collaborate with different SMEs and associations, through effective social investment programmes, contributing towards the Oman’s in-country value to further develop our nation.

Our Impact

We strongly believe that the social investment and sustainability programmes managed by us, that are led by various organisations both in governmental, non-governmental and private sectors, contribute and impact our community by:

Strongly influencing our local communities by providing solutions and reducing environmental, economic and social challenges.

Enhancing social economic impact for local communities.

Conducting community needs assessments to devise realistic and effective solutions.

Providing job and training opportunities to further shape our national capabilities which further drives the nation’s economy.

Devise and support local innovative initiatives to find social, environmental and cultural solutions.

Our Sustainability Goals

Here at Destination Sustainability, we aim to spread sustainability concepts and incorporate its practices within organization’s policies, strategies and work ethics, including NGOs, SMEs and governmental associations.

We strongly believe that current regional and international issues can be overcome if we incorporate sustainability practices and concepts, ultimately revitalising our national economy and improving the education across the Sultanate.

We work on achieving our sustainability goals through various practices and strategies, which includes the following:

Enhance and measure the impact of the organisations’ corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects using Social Return on Investment (SROI) methodology and international tools and practices.

Provide two annual training opportunities for local jobseekers.

Reduce 3% of our carbon footprint and resource use by the year 2026.

Recycle 10% of our office waste annually.

Conduct two sustainability-related awareness sessions annually.

Our Team

The team behind Destination Sustainability

Wafaa Al Saidi

General Manager of Operations

Rihab Al Muqbali

Project Management Manager

Khulood Yaseen

 Communications Specialist

Yousuf Al Rawahi

Social Development and Sustainability Specialist

Abdullah Al Yafai

Project Management Specialist

Taghreed Al Monshatih

Project Management Specialist

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